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Who Says I’m Too Old For Tech Jobs?

Published by: SkillsFuture Singapore

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Are you above 40 years old, thinking of switching to the tech industry, but don’t know anyone who has done so successfully?

Have you been in a non-tech job for most of your career and keen to try something different?

In the latest SkillsFuture Jobs-Skills Insights (SFJSI) co-produced by SkillsFuture Singapore and Generation Singapore, we hear first-hand from individuals from all walks of life who have taken the brave step of stepping out of their comfort zone in their 40s and 50s to train themselves in digital skills.

Click here to view the SkillsFuture Jobs-Skills Insights July 2023


SkillsFuture Jobs-Skills Insights July 2023 was launched during the SkillsFuture Festival 2023 by Minister of Education Mr Chan Chun Sing.

SFJSI is published periodically to identify opportunities to support individuals to reskill and upskill themselves in their lifelong journeys by spotlighting high-tempo jobs and skills changes within specific sectors or economies. It aims to keep individuals and enterprises updated on fast-moving jobs and skills.

Here’s what you can find in the SFJSI July 2023 edition:

·       Personal testimonies from mid-careerists on their digital skills’ journey

·       Top 5 tech-heavy job roles suitable for mid-careerists

·       Skills composition required to perform digital job roles

·       Strategies to  cope with a mid-career learning journey

·       Tips on adapting one’s mindset to challenges arising from age-related barriers in employment

Included in the report are suggested courses that individuals can consider for the Digital Economy.

You can also book a time with our Skills Ambassadors to discuss your career options.

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